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20 L SMART EVEREST Gas Geysers

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Experience the pinnacle of water heating technology with the Everest SMART Outdoor Gas Water Geyser. Energise your showers and embrace efficiency with cutting-edge features designed to provide consistent hot water using the lowest amount of energy..

Connect your SMART Everest Gas geyser APP directly to your smartphone, Android or Apple handset. Control your geyser from the APP on your phone. Set water temperature, check water flow, gas usage, and enable notifications in bath mode; when your hot water volume reaches the point you indicated, you will be notified when your hot water is ready.

Our latest innovation is crafted to cater to your domestic hot water and heating needs seamlessly. With the Everest water geyser, say goodbye to the inconvenience of fluctuating water temperatures and the wait for hot water.

Everest Smart App

Your Hot Water, Your Control

Easily manage your Everest Smart Gas Geyser right from your phone with the Everest Smart App.

Key Features

Integration of Heating
and Bathing

Experience the first domestic central gas water the EVERST SMART Gas geyser that combines your heating and bathing requirements into one robust package. In the depths of winter or the transitional seasons, the Everest geyser ensures that the warmth you need is always within reach.

Gas Boosted Solar Hot Water with EVEREST

Transition from the limitations of conventional solar heating to the efficiency and reliability of Everest. With seamless integration as a gas booster to your existing solar system, you’ll enjoy:

To ensure your water is always at the ideal temperature, simply install a Solar-to-Gas Valve, commonly referred to as a Diverter Valve. This valve operates by automatically redirecting water that is cooler than the temperature set on the valve to an alternate port. Here, it connects to your EVEREST SMART gas geyser. Once activated, the gas geyser heats the water and then seamlessly reintegrates it into the hot water piping system.

Step into a world where efficiency meets ease-of-use with the Everest Outdoor Gas Water Geyser. Upgrade your living space to consistent comfort and step forward into a new age of eco-conscious and steadfast heating.

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Solar-Gas Diverter Valve

This valve is specifically designed to complement solar water heating systems. It ensures that the water reaches your shower at the ideal temperature by directing it to the gas water geyser when necessary.

  1. When the incoming water temperature is cooler than 45°C, it is directed to the gas water geyser via the COLD water outlet for additional heating. Once heated, it proceeds to the bathroom at a comfortable showering temperature.
  2. If the water temperature is already 45°C or warmer, it bypasses additional heating and travels directly through the HOT water outlet to the bathroom.
  3. For added flexibility, the valve allows for the setting of a higher diversion threshold at 50°C.

Some Technical information on the EVEREST Gas Geyser

This unit is a 20 L model. It must be connected to a 220V electricity outlet. It takes minimum amp/watt to drive the EVEREST Gas SMART Geyser. Connecting it to a small battery backup system will work with-out any problems.

The unit is ideal to offer hot water supply to smaller homes, flats, guest houses and outbuildings. One unit can easily supply the hot water needs for 1-2 bathrooms and kitchen needs.

In Fact we strongly suggest to rather use two EVEREST units in a house to mitigate the risk of one unit being occupied by a member that takes forever to finish in the bathroom.

One can also connect the EVEREST SMART Gas geyser in PARALLEL MODE if the need is there to deliver more hot water. Depending on the need both or only one unit will start to deliver on the demand of hot water needed.

The Everest SMART Gas geyser will always come back online to the last settings you entered into the unit. Factory settings of the EVEREST are set to 53 Degrees , if you use the control panel or the APP on your phone, it will come back online at the last settings you entered into the EVERETS Gas geyser via the control panel or APP.

We offer a 10 year guarantee on availability of parts and a one year warranty according to the strict terms and conditions.

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